First Visit to JOSSE November 2018

Amazing to be able to see the children for the first time, now in November 2018. I flew to Kenya and looked at the land we just bought for the building of the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence (JOSSE). I got a change to start teaching the children. They learned in my short stay, this time, about investments and why we always keep 25% of market value when we sell the milk and eggs. We look at the 25% as not being our money, because it will be allocated to re-investments around the school. The learned a little in Reiki healing, confidence exercises, the value of love and how powerful their manifestation is, stepping into the future now, mindfulness and many more exercises I gave them a glimpse into. I have my target budget set to go now and have drawn up the basic setup of the new land plot and how the school will be laid out.

My next mission in 2019 is to have 35.000 dollars and I can go for 3 months and build one house (with lab, kitchen and sleeping for 20 children plus one teacher) and two classrooms. We can drill for water, set up sewer and water cleaning. This can all be accomplished for 35.000 dollars. Now the next chapter of this project has started and I am manifesting this into my reality in 2019.

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Building Process Layout House 1
House 01 3D
Third eye exercises at Jabez
Teaching the children to play cards
In the swing relaxing after class
Third eye Opening
Reading You Are Freaking Awesome in Class
Mold for the bricks we will make for the class rooms and houses
Preaching at Church in Kenya
Children Playing in Kenya
Children come to greet me everyday at the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Road Trip to Uganda
Dancing in class
The cow Jabez
I know the answer, pick me!
Children actively participating in the class room
Handing out assignments
The new plot of land for the Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence
Huni Godwin and the Children
Huni Hunfjord Teaching at Jabez

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