Water for the Orphans

We have our first phase in the school project for the 35 orphans at the Jabez Orphanage now. We need your help.

My name is Huni Hunfjord and I  have been supporting an orphanage in Kenya for 3 years now by myself and now it’s time to get you involved. Yes you!

When I started, we had only 10 children and now we have 35 children. I am building a school there now and one of the first projects is to drill for water, set up a water tank and solar powered pump. We are not only going to provide our orphans with clean water, we are going to give it to the community as well, because our school is all about growing the community while working on the individual. No limiting education.

In November 2018 I went to Kenya for the first time and met my children for the first time. I met contractors and made all the connections needed to proceed with the project. I bought the land adjacent to the orphanage current location, where we will build the school and houses for teachers and the children.

Please take a look at our children and the story about what we are about to build and how the visit in November 2018 went, here Jabez Orphanage Spirit School of Excellence

The one who donates towards this water project is the first outsider who I will never forget. You are the one that got the ball rolling.

When others join you, please feel free to ask us for a thank you note which I will have the orphans make with you name on it if you like. If you are in business, that picture might be worth something when you present who you are in front of strangers.

We would love to help you in any way we can.

On this picture is the type of tank we will be getting on the left and on the right is the drilling equipment my contractor in Kenya is using. In the middle is when I was teaching the children in Kenya. Also me and Goodwin and the children. Goodwin is their caretaker for now and his parents.


Donate here please, beautiful soul.


We have already started producing bricks for the first building. The first school for spiritually and ecologically thinking entrepreneurs in Kenya.